That Was Then…

…and for many reasons, I feel unfortunately, that the Now in art objects is lacking. I’m not saying that the heavy use of metal and plastics was the best thing for the environment but things were beautiful and utilitarian. There’s an air of purpose in mid-century and Modern art and objects; it’s no wonder it’s wildly popular today.

I see plenty of well-designed products in the market today but they’re almost too sparse for me. I want the first go-at-it, the sense of urgency the early industrial designers must have felt. Now everything is pared down. I once heard Jerome Witkin say the contemporary art scene was a “…field full of vacuous art,” and I’m afraid he’s right. Our senses have leaned too far that direction. Give me a few clunky knobs and over-reaching arcs. I’d take an Arco over a West Elm any day. I feel lucky that we have access to art and design objects of that era that not only woo our senses but are practical to have around the apartment too.

Before CAD

Before we chose fonts in Adobe

…we had to create them by hand.
Before Adobe Illustrator

Before e-mail

I urge you to think, question, create and chat. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. See you Monday.


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