Organized Chaos: Space + Tools

This past Friday we attended the ribbon cutting for the University of Michigan School of Art & Design Graduate studios. Located a couple miles from the School, the space is over 30,000 square feet and has a communal center space with arms of studios extending on lower and upper floors.


Each faculty member and graduate student candidate is designated a space for working on their specialty. It was an exciting evening and I loved being able to explore each little world. Some had panels of thread, others had cabinets of objects and others were covered floor to ceiling with colorful collage. Setting up a studio or work space is incredibly important to me and I can’t work unless it feels “just right.”

We work from home. It’s a very rewarding and at times, challenging, feat. For instance, I have an office but -N- works in the main area which has the distractions of TV, NPR, the kitchen and many times, the dog’s antics. Foregoing the typical use of a living space, ours is more like a studying, dining, library area where we can sprawl out, look at books and draw.

In my office, I incorporate a lot of pretty things to stare at so it’s a mishmosh of professional and personal things.

I’m pretty meticulous about how I keep my tools. 

What does your space look like? Do you work from a home studio or do you have to get away to be productive? Send us some photos if you feel inclined to share. I love seeing how others function. And yes, those are Pixar forever stamps. Go get some.


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3 thoughts on “Organized Chaos: Space + Tools

  1. Pollyanna says:

    Very organized! Happy Halloween to you too.
    ASM just posted on

  2. chinazzaro says:

    Hahaa, thanks. I really do try!

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