Start to Finish: Painting A Wall Mural

I just finished a mural at Three Chairs Co., a prominent furniture store in downtown Ann Arbor (they have an additional showroom across the street as well). I was excited to do one here because my concept matches the mid-century aesthetic of their pieces with designers like Ray and Charles Eames, George Nelson and Isamu Noguchi.

My design of the Modern Rorschach inkblot came easily as I was sketching in Adobe Illustrator and the owner thought it would be perfect for the front window during the Herman Miller winter sale.

After I printed it out, I labeled each color and shape by section and dimension.

Now comes the real work. I measured each section (or color) to scale and translated it to hand-drawn illustrations on paper.

Then I cut each section out and labeled it.

I laid out the area for the “canvas” and blocked it in using Behr primer and paint in one. Great stuff!

Then I could start taping and tracing. 

And cutting in the colors by hand.

And filling them in. Using vibrant colors together is always a gamble. But after double and some triple coats, I think it paid off nicely.


The white space is 6' wide by 5' height.

Thank you, Three Chairs Co. for your cooperation and wall space. Special thanks to Genui Forma for sponsoring the materials! And a big thank you to -N- for being a great partner in crime.

If you need a mural in your home or office, give us a call at 734-929-2498 or email


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8 thoughts on “Start to Finish: Painting A Wall Mural

  1. So interesting to see the whole process. The documentation is fantastic, so happy I get to see the steps even though I couldn’t be there. Can’t wait to see it in person!

  2. chinazzaro says:

    Thanks for the support, AM! It’s easily visible at night from Babs 🙂

  3. Valerie says:

    Beautiful work. I also can’t wait to see it in person!

  4. Jennifer Peschel says:

    Great Job, Yen! What a great place to showcase your mural. I hope it will still be up when I come back in Dec.

  5. chinazzaro says:

    Three Chairs hasn’t given me a timeline on things yet but I’ll let you know. It’d be fun to get everyone together for a drink and walk over together!

  6. Andrew Rodgers says:

    I am so impressed! Maybe I should just accept that I won’t be able to move from my place any time soon and have you two make something interesting out of it. (In addition to all the entertainment paraphanelia and kitsch from around the world, of course!)

  7. […] may remember that I painted a mural at Three Chairs Co. a few months ago. A wonderful family saw the piece and commissioned me to do a […]

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