Win a Limited Edition Print from the New Series, 4LGD

It’s finally here – something for the kids. Our newest addition to the online shop is 4LGD, a collection of creatures for the nursery, reading nook or just anywhere you darn well please. And from now until February 10th, you can enter by commenting below to the question: How many elephants do you see? (There’s no wrong answer).

One winner will be chosen by random to receive this print on archival matte satin photo paper. Good luck!

4 LGD 01 Elephant | 8″ x 8″ | Edition of 25 | Signed and numbered by artist

How many elephants do you see?

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12 thoughts on “Win a Limited Edition Print from the New Series, 4LGD

  1. April Beresford says:

    I see four: blue, orange, green, and purple. (I love this one! So colorful and rooted in rococo, but modern and cheerful at the same time. Well done!)

  2. Sarah Martin says:

    Lily sees 6. Elephants are her favorite animal 🙂

  3. chinazzaro says:

    Great answers! We’ll announce the winners on the evening of the 10th. Yay!

  4. Justin Spears says:

    I see 8 elephants.. I really like your art, this is a really nice looking piece & it would look so good in my new office! Keep up the good work!

  5. Andrew Thompson says:

    At first I saw 4, then 8, then after staring some more I saw 10. Now I’m seeing them whenever I close my eyes. Starting to get scared. Love the print though!

  6. Chloe Hennesy says:

    I see about 8, but it feels like a kaleidoscope infinity of Dumbo’s pink elephants on parade! It makes me think of fizzy rainbow sherbet punch, fat lazy balloons and soft places to nap in! How much would I like to put this in my baby’s room? A lot. I would like that a lot.

  7. mgbwa2 says:

    Our Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams team says 10 elephants! It was a debate for about an hour of 8 versus 10… These colors are getting us excited for SPRING!

  8. chinazzaro says:

    Thank you, everyone for entering! Turns out the lucky folks at mgbwa2 are the winners. Check back next time for our next giveaway. Happy weekend.

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