photo: Travis Fullerton ©Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
115 B onbonnière
Silver gilt, enamel, diamonds, rubies
The cover of the yellow guilloché enamel
bonbonnière is applied with a rosette set
with six rose-cut diamonds.
Marks : Imperial warrant of K. Fabergé, assay
mark of Moscow 1899 –1908, 88 zolotnik, scratched
inventory number 17239
D imensions : D 1 5/8 in. (4.1 cm)
P ROV ENANCE : Russian Imperial Treasures.
“The Schaffer Collection,” #1591, n.d., $300;
Lillian Thomas Pratt
E XH I B I T E D : VMFA 1983; FA 1996
B I B L IOGR A PHY: Lesley 1976, cat. no. 295, p. 147,
p. 144 (ill.); Curry 1995, cat. no. 9, pp. 5, 109 (ill.)
B equest of L illian T homas P ratt , 47.20.279


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