Tchunlo, MI

Tchunlo is a town like many in Michigan that will never fully recover after its collapse. Unlike most, however, it wasn’t just an economical downfall; it was also a plant meltdown.

Growth has come to a halt and although it’s winter the sky carries an odd hue. It hasn’t sat dormant long enough to resemble a post apocalyptic landscape and its former life is apparent. A worn basketball court. An empty park.

Due to contamination it’s unfit for anybody to spend extended time there. What’s interesting is the one population that’s not only remained, but grown: crows.

Scientists haven’t had sufficient time for their studies to show significant results, but the current plan involves a year of monitoring. In the meantime this town is yet another reminder of our impact on nature and how delicate life is.

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6 thoughts on “Tchunlo, MI

  1. steven gross says:

    Thank you for your attension to a place forgotten many. A blight of our industrial progress.A place destroyed by corporate greed. Gone for our lifetime…

  2. Edward says:

    Oddly serene looking.

  3. I had never even heard of the place–and I lived in Michigan for years.

    • steven gross says:

      I grew up in MI and know it well
      Never heard of Tchunlo and niether has google maps. where is it? whipped of the face of the earth?

      • chinazzaro says:

        Hey guys, happy to clear this up. I’ve discovered a number of cities “unsearchable” due to their unnatural demise. I’m currently working on a series of such cities, but you can imagine the restrictions I’m up against. Tchunlo isn’t far from Lake Missaukee and can be reached by small plane via the Home Acres Sky Ranch Airport. Driving is an option, but it takes several hours.

      • steven gross says:

        Sounds like a real project worth the time
        I look forward to seeing and reading the results. It’s our own mini Chernobyls
        There are more than we know

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