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Tim Péwé, Artist

Neander, 2012 (Suit custom made by Brigit Péwé)

Tim Péwé is many things: sculptor, illustrator, carpenter, artist. The most fitting title, however, is creator.

As a child, Tim sketched and made things like catapults, go karts, weapons, etc. Recently I was fortunate enough to visit his workspace and it was clear his creativity has only grown. Above and below are works from the show, Splinters & Paper Cuts, at the Rivers Edge Gallery in Wyandotte, Michigan through November 10.

Sylvia, 2012 (painting, wig and dress done by Audrey Pongracz)

Now It Can Be Told, 2012

Wood, metal, leather, concrete, marble, ceramic are all materials regularly seen in his works. As I walked the property it seemed everywhere I looked was another hand made piece.

Colossus, 2005

Monolithic, 2006

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Tim’s creations range from furniture to costumes and beyond. In fact, in many ways the Péwés are like Pixar’s The Incredibles: a family of supers. Tim’s wife, Brigit, contributes her amazing sewing skills while their two sons showcase their talents with illustrations and short films. Below is a wearable wood burning stove made for the show mentioned above.

Fire is the Sun unwinding itself from the Tree, 2010 (Backpack Wood Stove)

The amount of respect and astonishment I have for those that build something from only an idea is immeasurable. Many more pieces by Tim can be seen here at his website or you can contact us for image information.

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The Fall Classics

Autumn is an amazing time of year. Unfortunately it’s also a very busy time. School begins, baseball is coming to a close (for better or worse), football is heating up and politicians are getting mud everywhere. Although ever-present, the little things can go unnoticed. In case you missed them:

This new series of photographs was shot in our home studio and will be available during the upcoming holiday fair Tiny Expo. If you’re interested in ordering a custom size or amount, just let us know. They frame beautifully and make an exceptional gift.

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Field Trip: George Nelson at Cranbrook Art Museum

N and I visited Cranbrook Art Museum today to catch George Nelson: Architect | Writer | Designer | Teacher before it closes on the 14th. Since we’re quite the hoarders collectors ourselves, we love to see exhibits that highlight a major crossroad in object and furniture design. As the head designer at Herman Miller for over twenty-five years (1945-1972), Nelson not only molded the aesthetic ideology of their mid-century products, he made his clients see the importance of comprehensive branding through campaigns and visual materials.

My favorite part of the exhibit was the wall of clocks Nelson produced in collaboration with Howard Miller Clock Company. Both companies were based out of Zeeland, Michigan, making their partnership a natural fit with architectural forms and colorful materials ranging from plastic to wood.

If you have the opportunity to, I highly recommend seeing this exhibit before it closes this weekend. Or, just touring the grounds of Cranbrook and seeing the historic collection of buildings designed by Albert Kahn and Eliel Saarinen. Every turn is filled with sculpture, landscaping and artistry.

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Acting the Part

You may have seen some of these photos of N on our Facebook page, but we had to share them here too. He has a knack for creating gritty movie scenes and people love it. Thing is, we’re still mostly getting requests for traditional portrait. So our question to you is, are you game for some dramatic fun?

We’re booking holiday sessions right now. A la carte packages include up to four “costume” changes, styling, lighting and multiple locations plus all rights and usage. It would be the ultimate present. Contact us for all the details.

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Blossom : Something Beautiful is Brewing

Oh boy. We have a lot of explaining to do. We’ve been MIA for a bit. N’s shot four campaigns in the last two weeks and I’ve been working with a client that has a huge store launch in just a few weeks. Please excuse us as we get caught up and share tons of goodies as we near our 1 year anniversary of Chin-Azzaro. Yes, that happens later this month!

We’re putting together the photo and branding campaign for an exciting new company called Blossom (a website is coming very soon). It’s a floral company that offers weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or fully custom delivery to your home or business and they do incredible work. The first photo shoot was a ton of fun with creative deliberation over color, texture and shape. These contemporary bundled jewels are perfect for the upcoming holidays (imagine a row of them as a centerpiece!), a thank-you gift for a client or a welcome sight in the office.

They’ve already launched a beta circulation of arrangements to a few customers and the feedback has been astounding. We’re thrilled to be a part of this new idea and can’t wait to see it grow in Ann Arbor and beyond. For information on how you can get onto their limited waiting list now or get an arrangement today, call 734-230-2148 and ask for Edward. You’ll love Blossom!

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