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Mini Mural Session: Playtime at Lexi’s Toy Box

Lexi’s Toy Box is an incredible toy store in downtown Ann Arbor. Not only does it have a beautifully curated and merchandised inventory, the logo is an adorable hedgehog that I was thrilled to paint. It’s part of a “find the hedgehog” game that the kids get to play when they visit for a prize. Crystal Metzger, is the gracious and personable owner and she’s become a friend through this process. The toys she carries offer a high value of play in each carefully picked piece with brands like Haba, Kimochis, Play Set and Mudpuppy.  If you have a gift to buy, Christmas shopping to do, I recommend doing it at Lexi’s Toy Box.

Can you spot the hedgehogs?


You can do all your "grocery shopping" right here. How cute is that??

The sweetest inspiration

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Join us for Jamuary

Yep, it’s Jamuary. You read that right.

Who cares if it’s snowing and 20 degrees out before the wind chill factor? We’re still playing the music as loud as ever, we don’t sleep til the photos are processed and all the paintings are hung level. And it’s not just for kids. Want to know what the difference is between a print and a reproduction? Need your sculpture, print or painting installed? Give us a call today.  734-929-2498

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