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Happy Announcement : Baby Sessions

We couldn’t help it. Once we started taking photos of our own, we decided that photographing other people’s babies would probably make them just as happy as we are. So we want to spread the cheer of the non-traditional portrait. Check out our new Baby Session below. We’re looking to take baby and children’s photos to a whole new level. 000_3776


April 5 2013B000_3777

Here’s the small print: Our wee one is still very young so we had to hold his neck up. It’s up to you as parents if you want to have your hands in there for neck control. We also leave it to you to corral Baby but we work with you to ensure we get the best photos possible in one hour. Photo session includes travel in Ann Arbor, a fee is added for anywhere outside city limits. Additional friends and siblings are welcome but we’ll need to charge a little more for lighting. Please allot for an additional 30 minutes for set up and break down of equipment, which is included in the cost. If you choose to have your session in our studio, there are lots more options. We send you all the usable images and you choose 5, which we then retouch and process and send back to you in high resolution quality to use for what ever you please. Let us know if you have any questions – 734-929-2498 or info@chin-azzaro.com We can’t wait to meet you!

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A New Partnership : Tribehaus | Photo Studio Group

Sunday we shot our first of many sessions for Tribehaus, owned by entrepreneur extraordinaire Anna Bagozzi. With its eclectic and trendy inventory, Tribehaus is an online presence unlike any other offering women’s fashion with plans to expand to menswear. Anna has turned the brand into an empire with her insane marketing skills. Check out her Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages.

For model shots, we required a studio space that would allow for flexibility and a seamless or cyc wall, a panel with rounded bottom corner to lend an infinite spatial quality to the images. Not only is it an incredibly brilliant concept, Photo Studio Group, is a community-based resource, offering their space and equipment at a fraction of what it typically costs. We just started our membership and we urge others to visit them as well. It’s better than any other scenario we’ve come across during our years in commercial photography.

Image: Photo Studio Group

Every shoot depends on successful collaboration of the team. We were really lucky to have Amelia modeling. Not only does she have an incredible high fashion look, she was so personable and a breeze to work with.

No shoot is complete until you bring in hair and make up and Taryn Scalise is a master of both. She got us through two complete looks very quickly and was on hand to catch fly aways with the brush and lip stick touch ups between shots.

Amelia and Anna going over logistics on the set.

Anna from Tribehaus, Nick from Chin-Azzaro and Taryn from Tough Love MPD

We can’t remember the last time such a production went so seamlessly and we can’t wait to do it again. In the meanwhile, support our partners and let us know if you have any questions about buying from, visiting or hiring our friends. See you next week!

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Blossom : Something Beautiful is Brewing

Oh boy. We have a lot of explaining to do. We’ve been MIA for a bit. N’s shot four campaigns in the last two weeks and I’ve been working with a client that has a huge store launch in just a few weeks. Please excuse us as we get caught up and share tons of goodies as we near our 1 year anniversary of Chin-Azzaro. Yes, that happens later this month!

We’re putting together the photo and branding campaign for an exciting new company called Blossom (a website is coming very soon). It’s a floral company that offers weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or fully custom delivery to your home or business and they do incredible work. The first photo shoot was a ton of fun with creative deliberation over color, texture and shape. These contemporary bundled jewels are perfect for the upcoming holidays (imagine a row of them as a centerpiece!), a thank-you gift for a client or a welcome sight in the office.

They’ve already launched a beta circulation of arrangements to a few customers and the feedback has been astounding. We’re thrilled to be a part of this new idea and can’t wait to see it grow in Ann Arbor and beyond. For information on how you can get onto their limited waiting list now or get an arrangement today, call 734-230-2148 and ask for Edward. You’ll love Blossom!

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