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A Life of Decadence | Fabergé: The Rise and Fall, The Collection of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

I had the chance to see the Fabergé exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts over the weekend and it was quite a stunning collection of objects from the early 20th century creator of luxury goods. Karl Fabergé took over his family’s business as a jeweler but soon learned how to cater to the Russian aristocracy with exclusive, miniature objects. Specializing in eggs, animals and other keepsakes, he was able to build an empire with hundreds of workers and fabricators working under him until the workshop’s abrupt ending in 1918.


While it may not seem wholly relevant during a time that trinkets and candy dishes the size of a couple inches are unnecessary (above), it was a welcome reminder that craftsmanship of this kind existed at one time. I recommend this show if you have a chance to see it now through January 21st, 2013.



Images: CBS Detroit

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An Incredible Photo that Made Us Stop | How to Protect Your Images

A couple weeks ago N had to deal with a snafu that the local paper here made. They ran a photo that belonged to him and subsequently had to take it down and pay him a nominal fee for usage. (It really was the right thing for them to do, after all). It really angered the both of us because it was blatantly taken and we feel they waited to see if they would be found out. This issue is not going to go away and will only proliferate in the internet age. Our working friends have had their images and design ripped off and there are many degrees of it.

Last week we came across a photo from the Herman Miller Facebook page and we were immediately drawn to the flawless execution.

Screen shot 2012-12-14 at 11.41.23 PM

A time lapse of airplanes taking off from Hannover Airport in Langenhagen, Germany was captured in layered precision. In clicking through to find out more about the photograph by Korean artist, Ho-Yeol Ryu, we saw that it originated from a link at the Tropenmuseum.

The entire image via Tropenmuseum

The entire image via Tropenmuseum

What caused us concern however, was how big the file is. It literally covered the screen of my 21″ screen and then some. I could scroll back and forth, up and down. Now, you may wonder, what is our problem with seeing something so up close and personal? Turns out that Ryu has shown through a few contemporary galleries which means that he may have a great retail and/or auction record. But any time your image is shared at such a large file size, there’s potential for your image to be taken, printed and enjoyed without your reaping the benefits of your hard work. Take our blog, for instance. We share plenty of images but our resolution is low to medium quality, generally nothing larger than 5 x 7 inches.

A detail shot of just approximately a third of the photo.

A detail shot of just approximately a third of the photo.

More image to scroll over.

More image to scroll over.

And even more still.

And even more still.

If Ryu were just up and coming and not represented and sold to collectors, I would contact him to alert him of this potentially dangerous occurrence. But with his reputation, I’ll assume that those that represent and exhibit his work are aware that of their actions and would not do anything to dilute the value of his works. What should you do to protect your images if you’re worried about them being stolen? You can control the avenues in which they’re presented and limit or deny internet exposure. Or, you can watermark them. If that inhibits the viewing experience, you can just make them small enough, as we do, so there’s no concern over them being shared.

Yes, as visual artists, we want people to see our work. We just don’t want it to hang in your living room in a massive frame unless you support us. Thanks.

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Latest Tribehaus Shoot : Three Lighting Set Ups, Three Looks

We’ve started shooting for Tribehaus on a regular basis and every week is an exciting chance to sharpen our creative processes. Last weekend we hit the nail on the head when we worked with model Maeve and collaborated again with make up artist Taryn Scalise of Tough Love MPD. Along with the “chief” of Tribehaus, Anna Bagozzi, the stars were in alignment because we had some of the most successful shots we’ve seen a long while. Don’t you agree?


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Business highlight : zoey + joey | Children’s Hair Studio + Boutique

On Leap Day of this year, I met with Ilze Meija Ham, a fellow entrepreneur who wanted to open her own children’s salon and boutique. She had an incredible vision of using toxic-free products in a streamlined, family friendly environment. I’m thrilled to say that just over a week ago, her dream and vision came to life when she opened the doors of zoey + joey.

Not only did she exceed all my expectations in terms of aesthetics, families have been singing her praises since the day she opened her doors. With carefully chosen retail products including Keeki Pure & Simple and Original Sprout (she’s the only carrier of the latter in the area), a place for moms and dads to make their own coffee and relax and a slide to keep the kids occupied for hours, Ilze has really set her business apart from other children’s hair places. You can book your own appointments and haircuts range from just $15 up to $25. (That’s a steal for an adult cut with full shampoo, conditioner, cut, style, blow dry)!

We were really lucky to be a part of her marketing, photography and graphic design processes. Ilze always made decisions quickly and she had a very concise idea of how she wanted to be seen in the community. For everyone out there with an idea – go for it! See what someone with determination can do in exactly 9 months (zoey + joey opened its doors on December 1st). Here are a few snapshot highlights of our work.

Congratulations to Ilze and her entire team! We couldn’t be happier for you.

ZJ_Dec01An ad for Ann Arbor Observer


Opening day coupon

ZJBabyCertBaby’s first haircut certificate

llzeKids01Ilze with her kids

DSC_0782A banner photo and ad photo in the salon – love the custom painted Mini Coopers!

zoey + joey is open Wednesday through Monday and closed on Tuesdays. Book your appointment now and prepare to be pampered! 734-975-9400

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Pecha Kucha Ann Arbor

N has had plenty of experience with the slideshow format when it comes to presenting his work (we were on the inaugural committee that brought Slideluck Potshow to Chicago). Now he’s been invited to show at Pecha Kucha, a globally held event that brings together artists and creative people in the community to show 20 images for 20 seconds each while talking about each one.

More information about Pecha Kucha Ann Arbor can be found here. We hope that if you’re in the Ann Arbor area you’ll come out for this exciting event next Wednesday the 19th from 6-8 p.m. at the North Quad building on campus. See you then!


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