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It isn’t something you purchase with the intent to turn around for profit, or in some cases even the value paid. It isn’t something you own if it’s something you don’t understand. It isn’t something you buy just to store in a basement. It certainly isn’t something that’s easy to define.

Art provokes. Art challenges. Art is an outlet. Art is something that can literally be anything, yet everyone knows what art is to them. The OCCUPY WALL SPACE movement isn’t to force people to buy art, but when they do to actually consider the art, artist and community.

It’s far too easy to run to Pier 1 or Bed, Bath and Beyond and purchase an over priced reproduction that’s been mass printed. For the same price, however, you can hand pick an original piece that will make you smile, give you something to talk about and perhaps inspire you to think differently. Please do what you can to help people that offer so much to this world, and are so often overlooked.


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Sweet home Chicago.

All we can say is thank you to one of the greatest cities in the world.

It may be known for its architecture and food, but that isn’t what separates it from the rest.

It’s the people. Chicago is home to the best photographers in the world.

They’re not the best simply because they can do anything with a camera. No. They’re the best because they’re also teachers.

They’re patient and willing to share their decades of experience with those that wish to learn. Good luck finding that in NY or LA!

Without a doubt, I wouldn’t be the photographer or person that I am today.

Thanks, DUDES!

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The beginning of the end.

There are two good friends: one is a photographer, the other a chef. The photographer wants to get together with his friend and share his most recent work. The two decide on a cafe and meet shortly after. Upon arriving their conversation begins immediately. Somewhere in the middle, the photographer removes a freshly printed portfolio from his dark leather messenger bag and hands it to the chef.


The chef is so wrapped up in the images that he manages to remain silent for a full ten minutes.

“These are amazing!” The silence is finally broken. “Where did you take these?” the chef asks.

“Some were shot outdoors, but most were shot in studio,” replies the photographer.

“You must have an amazing camera,” the chef adds.

The conversation shifts several times before the two decide to leave. Before they do, however, the chef insists on preparing dinner for the photographer the following evening.

“So long as I don’t miss Wheel Of Fortune,” the photographer jokes.

They depart in agreement.

The next night, the chef prepares a full spread and when the photographer arrives they waste no time. They begin with soup, bread and wine. A light pasta dish is next, followed a heavier, yet fair plate of roasted chicken. For dessert: homemade limoncello.

Needless to say, there wasn’t an abnormal amount of conversation being had during this feast. However, as the two sit fully satisfied, the photographer voices how much he enjoyed the meal.

“That was amazing!” the photographer said with his arms spread wide. “Are these your recipes?”

“Mostly, although I had to borrow one for the penne arrabiata,” the chef replied.

“Well, you must have amazing pots!”


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I Like Those Odds

The odds of anything in life are 50/50. When watching sports, a team can be favored 80% to 20% over the opposing team, but when it comes down to it, it’s 50/50. The favored team will win or lose. If we knew how it would end, then they wouldn’t play the game. The same goes for politics, as well as finding a job out of college and even winning the lotto. Either it will or it won’t happen.

Nobody goes his or her whole life saying, “You know, it’s not going to happen, so I’m just not going to try”. That would defeat the purpose of being alive. It does, however, happen. And it seems to happen all too often in the realm of creativity. Many people tend not to see the immediate positive for creating or capturing art.

Art is organic. Art can make people smile. Art can be anything you want it to be, so long as it’s given the chance to be created. When teetering on the ledge of whether to bring a camera or begin a painting or start writing, rest assured, there’s a 50% chance it will turn into something amazing.


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