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Spring Fling.

Early Spring has kept me in a shooting frenzy. Any time I can sneak a few minutes of photographing, I’m outside, day or night.

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The Winter

While shooting yesterday, a man approached me and asked:

“Are you taking pictures of that?”

“Yes”, I said.


“… why not?”

The ability to take a picture is almost always the push of a button away. Society is so saturated with images that it’s easy to forget photography is a way to share a view rather than capture a moment.

Below are some images I’ve made this winter. They, and more, are for sale and can be seen here.


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Father Photography.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, my father enjoys photographing wooded wintry scenes. Below are a few he’s taken in the recent past. My father has been photographing since the 60’s. For a period he even developed film and printed images in a darkroom built in the basement of the house I grew up in. It’s safe to say that his style, eye and passion for photography have positively influenced my life.


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