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The Winter

While shooting yesterday, a man approached me and asked:

“Are you taking pictures of that?”

“Yes”, I said.


“… why not?”

The ability to take a picture is almost always the push of a button away. Society is so saturated with images that it’s easy to forget photography is a way to share a view rather than capture a moment.

Below are some images I’ve made this winter. They, and more, are for sale and can be seen here.


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Mother of all Contests: Photo Narrative Giveaway

We’re doing something that we haven’t seen before and it’s huge. 

From now until noon on March 6th, 2012, you can enter to win a professional photo shoot with the one and only Nick Azzaro (well, actually we know of at least two others…) but this is the only one we know of that shoots incredible photos. His style is dark, dramatic and full of surprises. This is not an ordinary, “say cheese” kind of shoot. Think storytelling, original and dangerous.

The Photo Narrative Giveaway* is easy to enter. Simply email us, go to our Facebook page (and like us) or Twitter page (and follow us) and answer the question, “Who’s your favorite photographer and why?” No matter how brilliant your answer, we’re still going to keep it fair and choose three winners by random on March 6th. We’ll let you know who won that evening and those lucky people win a one hour photo session shoot along with three digital images that they can do what ever they want ’em! Full details and rules can be found on our website. Good luck!

*Sorry folks, you must travel to Ann Arbor for the shoot.

This could be you.

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Be Back Soon

We’ve been MIA lately and we apologize for that. We’re working on a huge giveaway and a new print series for the shop. We’ll be back and full effect soon. Promise. Happy (snowy) Monday – at least from where we’re standing.


Mini Mural Session: Playtime at Lexi’s Toy Box

Lexi’s Toy Box is an incredible toy store in downtown Ann Arbor. Not only does it have a beautifully curated and merchandised inventory, the logo is an adorable hedgehog that I was thrilled to paint. It’s part of a “find the hedgehog” game that the kids get to play when they visit for a prize. Crystal Metzger, is the gracious and personable owner and she’s become a friend through this process. The toys she carries offer a high value of play in each carefully picked piece with brands like Haba, Kimochis, Play Set and Mudpuppy.  If you have a gift to buy, Christmas shopping to do, I recommend doing it at Lexi’s Toy Box.

Can you spot the hedgehogs?


You can do all your "grocery shopping" right here. How cute is that??

The sweetest inspiration

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Sneak a Peek: Our Latest Commission

We’ve been working on a commission of a large painting over the last month. It’s a heavily design-oriented treatment on stretched canvas and we’re really excited about how it’s turning out. You can see the flourish (pencil marks) and the precision in the sharp lines – all done by hand, of course. We’ll share photos once it’s finished.

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Bye American

“I was born in ______ in the United States of America. My skin is ______ and I’m a ______, and believe in  ______. I work ______ and pay ______ and don’t believe in ______. I exercise my right to ______ and appreciate the ______ of those before me. I eat ______ and am not scared of all of the ______. I feel that ______ should be free and that ______ is our choice. I’m not for ______ intervention, but feel that ______ is necessary. I know that ______ don’t get paid enough, while ______ live lavish lifestyles. Each night I watch the ______ only to see ______ over and over again. To me, it’s obvious this country has forgotten how to ______.”


Nick Azzaro ©

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Animating Life

It’s not too often anymore that we stop and really engage in a commercial. So we were pleasantly surprised when we saw Chipotle’s latest. Not only did it have Willie Nelson singing a great cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist”, the stylized and whimsical presentation of our manufactured and pumped-up meat industry had us scrambling to watch it again. Irish graphic designer turned animator Johnny Kelly was the brain behind this great piece.

A couple years ago we watched the documentary Food Inc. which gave us a quick snapshot of just how monopolized and manipulated our food is. Thanks to Chipotle for reminding us that what we put into our bodies is worth thinking about everyday.

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Getting out of Town: Powers of Ten

Thanks to our friend Chris at Johnsonese Brokerage, we were reminded recently that we hadn’t watched the 1968 documentary Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames. A simple yet exquisitely done film, written and directed by the couple, it explores the immediate expanse and how quickly our world as we know it can become very small.

For it’s time, the film was highly exploratory and brave. What do you think of the production? How well do you think they achieved the visual experience?


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Win a Limited Edition Print from the New Series, 4LGD

It’s finally here – something for the kids. Our newest addition to the online shop is 4LGD, a collection of creatures for the nursery, reading nook or just anywhere you darn well please. And from now until February 10th, you can enter by commenting below to the question: How many elephants do you see? (There’s no wrong answer).

One winner will be chosen by random to receive this print on archival matte satin photo paper. Good luck!

4 LGD 01 Elephant | 8″ x 8″ | Edition of 25 | Signed and numbered by artist

How many elephants do you see?

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