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First Date Jitters: Engagement Photos at The (Espresso) Bar

My sister Alice just got engaged to her beau John and we couldn’t be happier, especially since they decided to have their engagement photos taken at one of the most authentic and delicious spots for coffee in town (their first date was here), the (espresso) bar. As it happens, coffee is good for you and the owner, Sandy, is the kind of person that remembers your drink even after a pregnancy hiatus.*

N got to catch some great shots of the couple in the well-appropriated space as well as enjoy some beautifully-crafted drinks.

Thank you, Sandy and the (espresso) bar staff for letting us take over your space. Check back for more photos from their new brunch menu soon. And Like them on Facebook for yummy updates everyday!

To book your engagement shoot, give us a call at 734-929-2498 or email at info@chin-azzaro.com

*Their affogato is crazy good.

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Alone in 1000 Square Feet

It’s important to stay busy, but it’s also important to have fun. I recently began a series of images involving six different characters. Over time their stories will grow and conflict.

The guidelines are simple: only I can be in the image and it must be shot in my apartment, common area or basement. The techniques, however, are limitless.

I present: the brilliant psychopath, the afflicted war veteran, the clever spy, the distressed burglar, the turbulent mob associate and the flamboyant detective.

We can do the same for you. Contact us for more information.

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Late Night with CMD

There are many things to do in Ann Arbor after midnight. One involves a camera and a rock star.

Chris is going to school for hospital administration. Not only is he a good friend of mine, but also a perfect subject for my photo narrative style. He came prepared with a willing attitude and an active imagination. Below are a few from a session that included, but was not limited to: a tripod, timed exposures, flash, ambient tungsten, motion, and more! This was the first of many shoots with Chris.

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It’s portrait time!

Victor Skrebneski and Marc Hauser tend to light from the front, just over head. I light from the sides. I certainly didn’t invent it, but definitely enjoy it. That being said, thank you Ann Arbor Arts Alliance for such a fun session!

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A picture is worth… another look.

Alfried Felix Alwyn Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, or better known as Alfried Krupp, was a bronze medalist in 8 Meter Class sailing (1936), a Master of Engineering and a World War II criminal for the usage of slave labor in his factories for the purpose of building military equipment for the Nazi regime.

During the early stages of World War II, Alfried’s father, Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, created ties with the Nazi regime. He saw the potential in using his steel factories for war time production. Due to his declining health, however, in 1942 Alfried was placed at the head of the business.

For his services in aiding the Nazis as well as aiding the Holocaust via brutal slave labor, Alfried was appointed Minister for Armament and War Production by Adolf Hitler as a gesture of gratitude. The image below shows Alfried Krupp (right) speaking with a politician at an event in 1961.

The photograph is technically well exposed. Most of the people are smiling and it appears to be a fun event. Alfried seems like an ordinary business man.

In 1963, environmental portrait photographer Arnold Newman was assigned to photograph Aflried Krupp. Arnold was Jewish. This link has a brief interview with Arnold regarding his photograph.

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